Software Design

Our software development division develops advanced intranet and extranet systems for a wide range of applications.

Using process methodologies such as Capability Maturity Model Integration, or CMMI, we oversee all aspects of the software life cycle from requirements analysis to deployment.

Reflecting on the aspects of the software’s goals, we utilize the following strategies when developing a software solution:

    • Requirements Analysis — determining identifiable business needs and systematic purposing to attain measurable goals.
    • Architectural Framework — define direction of data structure and amalgamate best practices and design logic.
    • Design Methodologies — plan component and platform specifics, generate technology neutral implementation.
    • Algorithmic Implementation — produce software solution based on efficient and maintainable engineering disciplines.
    • Empirical Testing & Quality Assurance — investigate and establish the desired behavior of the software solution.
    • Transitional Deployment — release, install, and configure executable components in production environment.Simplify your appointment bookings by using a convenient web based scheduling system and spend less time managing your appointments and more time managing your business.