Intrusion Detection

Designing and implementing a corporate security architecture that includes proactive intrusion detection architecture is the first step in ensuring the security of an organization’s critical assets. While many organizations deploy firewalls as central gatekeepers to prevent unauthorized access, it is insufficient for complete protection of networks and servers. A layered defense provides the best result.

Comprehensive, Real Time Warnings

By intelligently placing intrusion detection sensors on a network, our team of security experts can manage your company’s devices around the clock, monitoring for security violations or misuse that originates from inside or outside the network.

Our intrusion detection service enhances an organization’s firewall protection by providing a comprehensive, real-time warning system that proactively identifies and isolates real security attacks helping to prevent costly downtime and potential loss of revenue.

24×7 Security Event Monitoring and Notification

We offer 24×7 monitoring of all network traffic. The intrusion detection service acts as an alarm for an organization’s network, setting off necessary alerts when a potential attack is recognized. These alerts, based on the specific customer requirements, are actively monitored and managed by our certified security engineers at the company’s Network Operations Center (NOC) and real security events are quickly identified and acted upon.

All intrusion attempts, regardless of severity, are logged and well-defined customer notification and resolution procedures are executed for all security events.
Features and benefits include:

    • Risk Management — suspicious and malicious events are proactively identified and acted upon
    • Full Intrusion Detection Capabilities Recognized — we have fined tuned our monitoring procedures to minimize false positives and maximize your ability to proactively respond to real security events
    • Reduced Upfront Costs — your organization benefits from our ongoing investment in leading monitoring and analysis tools, relieving you of the financial burden associated with purchase of a similar monitoring infrastructure
    • 24×7 Management, Monitoring, and Support — our expert staff of security experts are available to customers around the clock
    • Trained and Dedicated Professionals — we have an extensive team of security professionals who are specially trained to manage intrusion detection systems of leading industry providers
    • Lower TCO — our intrusion detection service saves your business time and money by reducing internal staffing, training, and maintenance costs
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