Capacity Planning

One of the key challenges faced by network managers today is ensuring that designed solutions will, in fact, provide the expected results in terms of connectivity. Often, a wrong assumption or a simple design decision can lead to catastrophic results in the final implementation. What’s more, many applications are becoming “network aware”, so your network must be designed to meet these very specific requirements.

Be Flexible Now And In The Future

You can correct problems before your customers experience them. With more than 15 years of experience in the computer industry, we can help you foresee future capacity requirements. Our consultants have experience with multivendor hardware and software environments, and specialize in the modeling tools and techniques necessary to analyze your network, application and systems.

These services maximize the benefits you receive from your eBusiness environment by providing a system you can rely on to support the functions and services you offer your customers.

Our Approach To Capacity Planning

After building a realistic baseline representing your current environment, we model selected alternatives based on your criteria. Our professionals will help you choose the most appropriate network design for your organization. Six steps are involved:

    • Define Project Requirements & Metrics — Our professionals target the required input for your model, such as bandwidth, support transport protocols, and quality of service. We will help you establish criteria for evaluating design alternatives, since these criteria can also determine which inputs are necessary and relevant to the baseline model.
    • Review Network Topology — our team gathers and validates information on your current network topology, including maps, diagrams, and standards documents.
    • Capture Network Traffic — after we have a complete understanding of your topology, we use network management and analysis tools to collect network traffic from all relevant LAN and WAN segments.
    • Create/Validate Network Baseline Model — using traffic and topology data, we put our network simulation tools to work generating a baseline model of your network environment. Then, we compare it to collected traffic and fine tune it to maximize accuracy.
    • Evaluate Design Alternatives — using the developed baseline model, we conduct “what if” scenarios by changing specific attributes of the baseline model with an aim to producing results that help clearly identify the most appropriate design based on your selection criteria.
    • Develop Recommendations/Deliver Client Report — we will help you analyze the simulation results and choose the most appropriate design alternative(s). We consolidate our modeling results into a report that is presented to you, and we map out the appropriate next steps.
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