Network Consulting

As organizations move to broader networks with more sophisticated technologies, IT professionals report increased downtime. Our network consulting professionals can help you develop management processes that prevent those problems.

Our consultants have the insight to help you design a strategy that supports evolving technologies. A well planned network design enables you to build from your initial investment, saving time and money when you move to performance enhancing technologies of the future.

Technology Integration

Being the leader in your market means giving your products the innovative, cutting edge functionality that only state of the art technology can provide. Delivering leading technology in your products, on time at at cost, will increase your competitive edge.

Network Planning

Assessing current network requirements and outlining growth plans to build a blueprint for connecting computers and servers will leverage resources, turn projects around faster, increase productivity, and increase profitability.

Security Assessments

A thorough understanding of your network’s strengths and weaknesses is paramount to determining how your organization is prepared to handle the security of your trusted networks against potential threats.

VPN Setup/Administration

Compete in the global economy by allowing your eBusiness data to travel across organizational boundaries without compromising privacy, security, or confidence.

Intrusion Detection

Properly implemented network security controls, both management processes and technology, are needed to thwart intentional attacks, minimize unintentional mistakes from trusted insiders, and prevent exposure of your valuable information assets.

Employee Education

Training is an integral part of the success and efficiency of any organization’s network operations. Development of programs to heighten employee awareness will limit cases of accidental data compromise.

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