Logo Usage Guidelines

Graysmark Business Systems, LLC’s brands, marks, names, and logos are among the company’s most important and valuable corporate assets.

This Logo Usage Policy is applicable to Graysmark Business Systems, LLC, and to our developers, clients, advertising agencies, consultants, professional writers/editors, licensees, and to third parties making reference to Graysmark Business Systems, LLC.

This Logo Usage Policy also sets forth the authorized policies for using, or referring to, Graysmark Business Systems, LLC’s trademarks, service names, logos, and slogans.

Proprietary Marks

It is the policy of Graysmark Business Systems, LLC, to preserve and legally protect all proprietary marks associated with Graysmark Business Systems, LLC, and to maximize the impact of those marks through consistent usage.

Approval for Use

Use of the Graysmark Business Systems, LLC, logo is subject to approval. Please contact us prior to usage.

Logo Specifics

The Graysmark Business Systems, LLC, is designed to stand alone and/or be used in conjunction with other logos. To maintain its visual integrity, the logo should always be surrounded by open space, separate from any surrounding detail. Graphic detail and text may not be placed any closed than 1.0″ or 15 pixels from the top, buttom, or sides.

The Graysmark Business Systems, LLC, logo must appear legible and clear. It should appear at least 2.5″ wide for print production and be at least 200 pixels wide for web use.

Download the Logo

To download a logo, right click and choose “Save As …”

JPG, 300px x 147px

GIF, 300px x 147px, transparent background

JPG, 300px x 63px

GIF, 300px x 63px, transparent background